Kington Isotonic

Discovered by Rene Quinton, a well-known French scientist, Kington Isotonic is a marine solution harvested at an exclusive plankton bloom near a vortex formation in an unpolluted part of the ocean. It is processed through a proprietary process to preserve its natural composition and is recommended for general health. Containing 83 types of bioavailable minerals, it restores the internal terrain to a balanced state and improves overall cellular health.


  1. Recommended for general health
  2. Helps to restore internal terrain to a balanced state
  3. Helps to improve overall cellular health


Purified Spring Water, Seawater


1 to 4 ampoule(s) daily on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals


  • 12 ampoules
  • 30 ampoules

Kington Isotonic
12 & 30 Ampoules