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The Elken Global Story

Elken was founded in 1995 with a vision to become the world’s leading direct selling organisation that enriches lives by nurturing and empowering people to achieve their dreams. Elken marks the dawn of a new era as it celebrates its 25th year of operations in 2020.

For the past 25 years, we have focused on building people from all walks of life – no matter their age, background, ethnicity or language – to realize their dreams. We have nurtured and empowered our people through quality training and knowledge sharing, journeying with them every step of the way to grow their business.

The Elken Global opportunity has so much to offer – a healthier and better quality of life, more freedom of time and the path to a solid financial future, backed by a compensation plan that rewards people for their efforts.

At Elken Global we prioritise excellence in people, products, research & innovation, manufacturing & distribution, service and every aspect of our environment. Our passion and determination has made us the largest home-grown direct-selling company in

Malaysia and the top 50 MLM company in the world and the only unlisted Malaysian company in the list- by Direct Selling News US Global 100.

With offices in 10 countries and over 1,000,000 distributors, our seal of superiority is found on hundreds of quality, innovative, and award-winning products in the categories of Health & Wellness, Beauty and Home. Our strong culture of excellence and dedication to quality has also garnered us a list of international awards and recognitions.

Our vision at Elken Global is what unites us for a common cause. We strive forward together to build individuals, families and communities to enrich their lives, and they in turn build others to help them realise their dreams.

The strongholds of Elken Global – our people, product, opportunity, culture and values – are what differentiate us from others. We will forge ahead into the centennial while still holding true to our fundamentals and build people, as we continue setting the standards.

Our Vision

Enriching Lives Together.

Our Mission

To be a leading global direct selling organisation providing opportunities, quality products, services and knowledge.

Our Values

Our values shapes our culture and guides us to improve lives in meaningful ways.

Innovation: Innovation is a mindset and the willingness to make things better and to do things differently.

Quality: Quality encompasses the People, Products and Services. It is our way of life.

Integrity: Integrity is our hallmark. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct.

Respect: We recognise diversity as an asset and respect the unique characteristics of our employees, stakeholders, communities and our environment.

Passion: We advocate a winning attitude that delivers excellence. We are passionate about continuous improvement & are willing to embrace change.

Experience matters.

AK Tan
Chairman, Elken ByDzyne

As the Founder of Elken, AK Tan started the company back in 1995 with only a handful of employees and a vision to enrich lives by empowering people to realise their dreams.

Tan has led a strategic transformation of the company, with a focus on development through innovation, facilitating international expansion driving continuous business growth. His leadership has helped Elken develop into a global MLM company.

As Chairman of Elken ByDzyne, he provides strategic direction and guidance as he leads the management team to even greater success on the global front.

Tan has over 28 years of working experience in the direct selling industry. He has a Bachelor in Science (Hons) from University of Malaya, Malaysia with a major in Physics, and an MBA from Brunel University, London.

Nat & Chanida Puranaputra
Vice Chairman, Elken ByDzyne

Chanida Puranaputra is widely considered by many as one of the most influential leader, trainer, and mentor within the direct selling industry.

With over 40 years of experience, she has occupied top leadership positions in several companies and built some of the largest international sales teams in the industry across the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia – creating many millionaires and multi-millionaires along the way.

More than once she held the title of Top Income Earner and Leader of the Year in her company and was the #2 Global Direct Sales Earner in the entire world in her last company.

Chanida’s passion, energy, and servitude is infectious but her desire to help people reach their dreams and attain financial freedom, will be an enduring part of her legacy.

Pang Min Fah
Senior Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific

Ms Pang leads the Elken ByDzyne business in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Philippines. Her responsibilities include setting business direction and strategy, overseeing business operations and leading network strategies for the countries.

Ms. Pang has over 17 years of experience in the direct selling industry and was previously the Senior Vice President of Elken Global Sales, leading the operations in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia, and Philippines. When she was Vice President of Sales, she contributed to Elken Malaysia and Singapore’s highest sales achievement in 20 years. In 2016 she led Elken Brunei to attain its best sales performance.

She has an MBA from University of Bath, UK and a Bachelor of Arts from University Malaya, Malaysia.

Niki Chong
Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific

Niki leads the Elken ByDzyne markets of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Taiwan in her capacity. She sets business direction, oversees market operations of the countries and provides network solutions and strategy.

Niki has been involved in the direct selling industry for over 20 years. She was previously the Vice President of Elken Global Marketing where she spearheaded marketing communications and tactical promotions and activities for the business. She was also the Regional VP for Elken Singapore and Elken Indonesia.

She has an MBA and BBA from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and a Chartered Institute Marketer certification from UK.

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