Our Culture

Heart-to-heart CULTURE

It’s a unique Elken culture that emphasises being open, sincere and caring. We work together and go above and beyond to make our colleague’s day and ensure the success of the team as a whole. We nurture meaningful relationships and close connections that extend beyond the office walls, creating a sense of belonging and community.


Elken supports and facilitates learning in an environment where open communication, sharing of new ideas and better ways of doing things are strongly encouraged. We are prepared to challenge and be challenged, as we continually strive to expand our knowledge and skills every day. We believe in developing strong teams and empowering them to be the best that they can be.

Innovate & SIMPLIFY

Every day our teams are challenged, improve and innovate, to challenge the status quo and to dare to transform. Innovation takes courage. We strive for creativity and simplicity in all that we do.


We believe that people are on their most productive in a relaxed and fun environment. Our philosophy to work hard and play harder nurtures a positive workplace culture that encourages our people to collaborate, thrive and shine.


At Elken, our goal is to enrich lives and build people to live healthier and more rewarding lives. We constantly focus on building a united team who is willing, able and enthusiastic to go the extra mile for our customers and make a significant difference in their lives.