El Marino Blanc

A Toast to Luminous White Skin

The basis of beautiful skin begins from within and is accompanied by a strong protection against external factors. El Marino Blanc provides a holistic approach to fairer and younger skin via:

  • 3 Unique Technologies
  • 4 Ways of Protection
  • 5 Targeted Actions


Exclusively formulated to provide 4 ways of protection

  1. Fairer Skin
  2. Firmer Skin
  3. Radiant & Glowing Skin
  4. Smoother Skin Texture


Technology 1 – Red Orange Complex – R.O.C®
Contains standardised Red Orange Complex extracted from Sicilian Blood Red Orange. The standardisation process increases the efficacy of the active ingredients by 3 times as compared to the normal Red Orange Extract.

Technology 2 – VIQUA® Active via ADS® Nano Delivery System
Delivers standardised punicalagins (polyphenol) content that has 40 times more antioxidant properties than pomegranate juice. Aided by the patented ADS® Nano Delivery System, VIQUA® Active is encapsulated with amino phospholipid coating in order to prevent the destruction of the active ingredients in the stomach’s highly acidic environment, as well as to ensure a high absorption rate.

Technology 3 – Collactive
The special blend of hydrolysed Marine Collagen and Elastin peptides is an excellent source of protein. The ratio of collagen at 94% and elastin at 6% is the same ratio as our skin dermis, which ensures its affinity to our skin. It also has a high absorption rate and is resistant to high temperatures and acidic environments.


Dissolve 1 sachet of El Marino Blanc into 75ml water and stir. Consume once or twice daily.


  • 30 Sachets/Box

El Marino Blanc
30 Sachets

Best Antioxidant Innovation –
Malta Pomegranate Award in France

Top Innovation in PCHI New Technology Exhibition

Marine ingredients from France (IFREMER)
that promote marine Biodiveristy