See the Difference. Feel the Confidence

Sensualite is a revolutionary meal replacement programme with 3 technologies that help to reduce appetite, visceral fat and body weight for more effective weight reduction and weight management results.


Exclusively formulated to provide 4 ways of protection

  1. 84% experienced reduced appetite*
  2. 83% experienced reduced visceral fat**
  3. Up to 7.9kg weight loss in 40 days**

* Clinical study based on 61 women aged 25 to 45 years old over 8 weeks of consumption
** Clinical study based on 22 panelists over 40 days of consumption


Saffron Extract
Exclusive extract of Saffron’s stigma from France which increases the serotonin level in the neuron system to help modulate our mood and appetite. It also helps to improve emotional behaviour, produce a satiating effect and reduce compulsive snacking. This ingredient has received several accreditations:

  • International Patents in more than 111 countries
  • HACCP certified

High quality Isolated Soy Protein
The isolated soy protein is a non-GMO ingredient that helps to promote heart health and preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss.

Soluble Fibre
Soluble Fibre helps to promote bowel movement and control the glucose level. This ingredient was bestowed FROST & SULLIVAN’s 2011 Award for “European Food Fibre Ingredients Customer Value Enhancement”.


  • 15 sachets in a box

15 Sachets in a box