Kington Minerale

Kington Minérale is a highly-prized solution harvested from the ocean vortex containing 83 types of bioavailable trace elements that are easily absorbed into the body.

It can help provide our body with a high concentration of complete, balanced trace minerals. This replenishment of trace minerals is especially effective for our cellular functions. It is also very effective in remineralizing our body during physical activities for enhanced, longer and stronger performance. By providing a high concentration of trace minerals to our body, it helps to maximise our physical and mental performance.

Life, powered by Kington Minérale.


  1. For rapid remineralization of body cells that have inadequate trace minerals
  2. Possesses the ability to cross our protective brain barriers to replenish inadequate trace minerals in the brain
  3. Quickly replaces trace minerals lost during exercise, enhances physical performance and boosts muscle recovery post-exercise




Drink 1-2 vial(s) daily on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meal.


  • 30 vials

Kington Minerale
30 Vials