XENIJI contains 65 types of fruits and vegetables that have been broken down through a complete fermentation process over 1,200 days into a broad spectrum of bioactive micro-fine nutrients and enzyme catalyst. XENIJI promotes efficient nutrient absorption to boost catalytic functions so as to enhance overall metabolism for efficient energy production and utilisation, and a healthy gut system.


  1. Activates enzymes and enhances metabolism through absorption of nutrients into cells
  2. Promotes metabolism of nutrients for better health
  3. Helps to regulate blood glucose uptake by body


Brown sugar, Galactooligosaccharide, prune, soybean, oligosaccharide, strawberry, apple, grape, peach, mandarin orange, angelica keiskei leaf powder, mulberry, cherry blossom paste, yuzu, persimmon, perilla, pumpkin, ganoderma lucidum, kelp, japanese radish, spinach, carrot, kale, barley grass, jew’s mallow, kombu, brown rice, sweet corn, kiwi, kumquat, shiitake mushroom, rice bran, tomato, lemon, cocoa, jew’s ear, wakame, fucus, blueberry, cucumber, arbutus, plantain, stripped bamboo, field horsetail, loquat leaf, cabbage, maitake, hijiki, eggplant, brassica rapa, celery, pear, sweet pepper, bitter melon, bok choi, ume, lotus root, turmeric, Iyo-orange, fig, burdock, broccoli, ginger, parsley, asparagus, japanese parsley, raspberry, blackberry


This product is suitable for children and adults

  • For children, take 2 spoonfuls a day
  • For adults, take 4 spoonfuls (approximately 1.2g/spoonful) a day

Consumption: Mix with 240ml lukewarm water or consume directly


  • 120g (Jar)

120g (Jar)