Biosafe Plasma Detoxifier

Perfect Food. Perfect Family.

Elken Biosafe Plasma Detoxifier is the safest, fastest and most effective steriliser and detoxifier as it decomposes pesticides on food and sterilises baby products and household items by killing bacteria on them.


  • Container Capacity: 8L
  • Container Material: ABS Food Grade
  • Detoxification Time: 8-15 minutes
  • Dimension: W310 x D250 x H340mm
  • Net Weight: 3kg
  • Power Consumption: 85W


  1. Uses patented plasma technology
  2. Kill 99.9% of common bacteria and fungi within 8-15 minutes
  3. Decomposes 99.9% of pesticides within minutes
  4. The micro-bubbles generated have more surface area for better and more effective detoxification and sterilisation results
  5. Powerful deodorising effects
  6. Suitable for detoxifying vegetables and fruits and sterilising baby bottles, toys, utensils and other household items


Safeguards your family and you against pesticide ingestion and bacterial contamination in food for a healthier & happier life.

Biosafe Plasma Detoxifier


VIP Asia 2008 Award


RoHS Certified


Food Grade Standard Materials


Certificate for Patented Design