In today’s age of information technology, people can easily access and verify information uploaded on the internet (including but not limited to Facebook, blogs, WhatsApp, eBay, Lelong.com, Mudah.com, forums, chats).

As Elken Global’s Independent Members, you are Elken Global’s brand ambassador to the public. As such, whatever you say and do will reflect on Elken Global. With respect to customers’ or prospects’ views and perception of Elken Global, whether it is a good company equipped with high standards of integrity and upholds a commendable support system, these are commonly shaped by their experience with you. A good reputation plays an integral part of your business success as a good name will indefinitely gain trust and confidence.

Elken Global is committed to adopt social media to increase brand/product awareness, loyalty and support to its customers and prospective Members to drive their business. This policy is developed to help you maintain the integrity of your Social Media and Internet Conduct.

A. Representing Elken Global

Good Practices:

  1. Identify and present yourselves accurately and clearly as “Elken Global Independent Members” and use your own photos in all social media and internet platforms.
  2. When you share information through Elken Global’s channels, you shall ensure it is stated clearly that the information is derived from Elken Global.com or Elken Global’s Facebook.
  3. For the use of social media and internet relating to Elken Global’s business, you shall ensure compliance with Elken Global Members’ Rules and Regulations, policies and any applicable local laws, regulations and codes.

You Shall Not:

  1. Imply that you represent the Elken Global Group in any way or claim that you are Elken Global’s employee, agent or otherwise.
  2. Replicate Elken Global’s official websites, Facebook page, product logo, brand or use Elken Global’s intellectual property, including but not limited to trade and service marks, slogans or logos without Elken Global’s prior written approval.
  3. Purchase, use or register any domain name, URL or email that contains “Elken Global”, Elken Global’s product name, slogan, trademark on internet and social media platform.

B. Business And Product Claims

Good Practices:

  1. You are encouraged to share your personal success stories and disclose or identify yourselves as “Elken Global Independent Members” and disseminate any official content and/or information from Elken Global.
  2. Make accurate representation of your income based on documented information in compliance with applicable laws/ legislations and direct selling regulations.
  3. Obtain Elken Global’s prior written approval before setting up any online social platform (including but not limited to blogs, sites, Facebook account to share your personal experience and/or network’s experience sharing or otherwise) to promote and advertise the company’s products, campaigns, promotions and incentives. Such information published and/or its content shall comply with Elken Global’s Rules and Regulations and this policy.
  4. Represent true and accurate government and regulatory endorsements on all Elken Global’s products.
  5. Obtain Elken Global’s prior written consent to scan/rip/record/copy and post Elken Global’s sales or advertisement tools, including but not limited to Elken Global’s printed materials, videos and audio contents onto social media or internet.

You Shall Not:

  1. Use keywords, meta tags or otherwise that represent illegal or unsubstantiated medical/product claims.
  2. Disseminate any political and sensitive content on social media platform or internet.
  3. Post any pictures/photos of yourself or any other members’ income/cheques or cash online to create an impression that Elken Global is a guaranteed success.

C. Media Relations/Advertisements

Good Practices:

  1. Obtain Elken Global’s prior written approval before participating any media interviews, respond to any media inquiries and promote product or opportunity through any news report or trade industry publication.
  2. Obtain Elken Global’s prior written approval before advertising any online advertisements pertaining to Elken Global’s products, campaigns and promotions.

D. Elken Global Activities

Good Practices:

  1. Obtain Elken Global’s prior written approval before recording, post any video or audio content, including but not limited to Elken Global’s personnel, activities, training programs, meetings, sales presentations or any other Elken Global’s organized events.

E. Product Pricing

Good Practices:

  1. Sell products at retail price (RP) to customers. Only Members can enjoy Elken Global’s products at the Member Price (DP) and those offered as Elken Global’s official promotional packages.

You Shall Not:

  1. Design, advertise or offer any self-made trial packs, discounts, free gifts, lucky draws or promotional packages without Elken Global’s prior written approval.
  2. Resell products via online, including but not limited to internet, social media sites, public channels, forum and blogs, as it contravenes direct selling legislations and regulations.
  3. Promote Elken Global’s products together with products from other company or use other company’s intellectual property rights.

Any contravention of this policy may result in either suspension or termination of your Membership.

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