Advance the well being of the communities, bring hope, empowerment and create opportunities for everyone.

For the past 21 years, we have tailored our social responsibility initiatives to improve lives and make a positive difference in and around the environment we operate in.

Whether it’s health & nutrition awareness initiatives, providing aid and assistance for disaster relief missions or organising fundraising campaigns for our welfare programmes, our quest to enrich lives will compel us to create an even greater impact around the world.

The Elken Foundation was established to:

  • Improve health & well-being of the community
  • Alleviate suffering and bring hope to people
  • Empower the disadvantaged and underprivileged


We work with partner organisations & our people communally to spearhead programmes for the advancement of families, communities and the nation.
Through their efforts, we will continue to help people live better lives, develop their economic and social needs and lay the right educational foundation for greater achievements in life.
The heart and soul of a nation lies in its people, and this is the very element we are developing across countries, regions and the world.

Elken Foundation

Helping Communities


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